The Team DDBT

Jason Bergunder

I am in 3rd year SIAT focusing on digital media. My interest truely lies in animation. My skills are in painting miniature models. I have experience in Flash, After Effects, video editing, film, photoshop, Illustrator, and Maya. I love to learn about all kinds of theory and its applications in reality.

Personal Website:


Matt Brinkman

I’m just finishing up my 5th and final year in university. I know I know.. degrees are supposed to take 4 years. When I’m not working on projects like this one I like to sleep in order to recover from projects like this one. I play and watch hockey in my spare time and enjoy drawing and painting digitally in photoshop. My experience lies mainly with illustrator and photoshop and conducting user tests.


Lam Kwan

Hi everyone, I’m a 3rd year SIAT student in SFU. I’m interested in drawing manga and graphic design. I spend my free time drawing mangas and anime. I have experience with Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator and other programs.


David Li

I am third year SFU student taking SIAT program, concentrating in design. I love outdoor activities such as hiking, sking. Animation and mangas also filled up rest of my days. I have experience in Flash, video editing, photoshop, illusrator and other programs



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