George Hale


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Age: 20     Gender: male      Race: Korean Canadian

School: Second year SFU     Major: SIAT Media

Quotes: “Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”

Relationship: Single


George is a very active, friendly and honest person.  George cannot stand been alone. He has many friends; it’s almost as though he lives on laughing and cheering with his friends. He always treats people with kindness. When he says that he cares about you, he means it. George also has sense of leadership and responsibility.  His friends appreciate that he is willing to speak his mind.

Home and Family

George was born and raised in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Right now he lives in Vancouver with his family in a moderate size house.  He does not have any siblings, but he always wishing for a younger sister or brother. Both his parents work full time: his father as an engineer, his mother as a nurse. Most of the time, George is home alone by himself.


George is currently studying in the SIAT program at SFU. School is not a problem for George; he can maintain his grade at pretty high standard with ease. He wants to enjoy school by meeting and spending more time with friends. This is more like a playground to him where he can express his creativity. When doing school projects, George always takes the role of team leader. George spends most of his time in school because he does not want to stay home alone.


George enjoys almost everything he does. Even if he has never tried it, he will show great compassion and start to learn it. He does whatever his friends want to do. When George plays competitive games, he does not mind losing to other players. Even as games are finishing, George is already making plans to meet again to play some more.


George does not like to think about the future, but if he does have any goal, that will be graduating from university, and find a job that he enjoys the most. George does not like sudden change in his life. He enjoys his life now. He is afraid that after graduating, his life will become stressful and boring.

Technology Aptitudes

George was born with the talent of learning new technologies really quickly; it will never take him long to learn a new technology. He has a laptop, desktop computer, IPad, iPhone, Playstation 3 and 3DS. Whenever there is something in the market that has to do with new technology, he will save money to buy it. He does his best to keep himself up-to-date with technology.


George is always leader type of character among his friends. He is always the one organize activities and making sure everyone will get an invitation. When communicating, George prefers to speak in person than phone call, and phone to texting. But this doesn’t mean his dislike technology. George calls his friends all the time. He is also a Facebook fan. He stays online almost the entire time that he is awake and keeps constant tabs on his news feed. George and his closest friends are almost perpetually on Skype. Whoever happens to wake up or get home first, starts a group call and the rest of the party eventually trickles in, to converse and play games until late into the night.

Role/view Social group

He spends most of his time with his club friends, this is his primary social group. He always coordinates and plans activities for the club. George is considered the most knowledgeable of the club, whenever people have questions or need help, they’ll go to him, and he will be glad to help. He likes to play table-top war games, but he does not reject any other type of games.


A picture of Warhammer: George and his club friend’s favourite game.

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