Alex Dren


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  Age: 22     Gender: male    Race: Caucasian

  School: Third year SFU     Major: SIAT Graphic Design

  Quotes“The game is my wife. It demands loyalty and responsibility, and it gives me back fulfillment and peace.”

  Relationship:  No, never had and never will? =D


If there is one word you can describe Alex, it will be “ Nerdy”. He does not concern himself with anything else other than games. Usually, he will is very shy around unfamiliar people, he will become very talkative if the subject is relates to games. He is a very nice person most of times, if you don’t critique on his favourite game that is. Sometimes his mind is out of his body, nobody knows what he is thinking. Alex always seems to be in his game’s fantasy world, always imagining the next session of role-playing games.

Home and Family

Alex lives with his parents and two younger brothers in Burnaby.  His two younger brothers, 15 years old Jay and 16 years old John, always look up to him; because he seems know everything about games and comics. A lot of times, they are his companions when Alex wants to play games.  Alex’s parents, on the other hand, are not very supportive to Alex’s life attitude. They think it has no future.  However, Alex could not care less.


Alex is currently studying in SIAT at SFU. He has average grades. If the course is relates to his interest: game and graphic design, his grade will dramatically be higher. He is an expert at most of the adobe programs. He thinks it is not necessary to have the highest version of the program. He is quite talented at graphic design, he loves to imagine and create. When you ask him for two design concepts, and he will come back with four. He is not best at pencil sketching. He sees the image in his head, and creates it on the computer.

Work Activities

Alex works at a hobby shop, and he is responsible for running card tournaments on the weekend which includes Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh mainly. All the participants like him and he is very knowledgeable in both games.  Other than that, his job is to keep up to date on pricing information.  Rare cards within these games often fluctuate in price quite frequently and Alex, being a tournament player, is always up-to-date on the latest news.


Alex doesn’t like to do outdoor activities. Most of the time, he stay home playing games with his younger brothers. He also likes to read Japanese magazine and comic books. When it comes to games, he will not turn away from any challenge. When a new game comes out, he always wants to be first to try. On weekends that are not filled with a tournament, Alex hosts role-playing games with a small group of friends, that he considers his closest. Until recently, the only game they played was Dungeons & Dragons. Alex discovered another game, Dark Heresy, which takes place in the realm that his group of friends are very familiar with and consider themselves extremely knowledgeable in, Warhammer 40k. Alex and his group of friends are very excited to continue their campaigns, and hope they will not lose interest.


Alex’s goal is to become a graphic designer. He wishes he could work for game company such as RIOT where he can draw for his favourite games. He worries that after he graduates, he will not be able to go straight to his dream job. However, Alex realizes that he is relatively comfortable with his current hobby shop job.

Technology Aptitudes

Alex is familiar with most of graphic programs or gaming programs. He has a lot of gaming machines such as Xbox and PS3. He does not like to read the manual when he receives a new technology item. He likes to try them out and figure out how to use it by himself.  His familiarity with technology gave him the confidence to successfully build his own laptop and desktop.


Alex does not have any romantic relationship. He refers to games as his wife and he will love her forever. He has a small, very close group of friends that he is willing to hang out with, even if unfamiliar people will be joining, he is all the more willing if there are gaming opportunites.

Role/view Social group

Alex is a casual participant of the Roll to Hit Club. He usually cannot join in because of his job at the hobby shop and the club is hosted at SFU. He is very experienced with Magic: The gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, and role-playing games. New players like to ask him for advice and suggestions when they are purchasing cards. He is also a supplier for the club. He is looked upon to be the game host in role-playing games as he has the wit and imagination to make the games interesting and be able to act on any uncertain circumstances that the players may throw at him.


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