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Upon reviewing our observations, interviews, cultural probes, and even some of our early ideas for informances we noticed a trend that members of the Roll to Hit club either fell into one of two categories; the leader or the follower.  It was these two over-arching characteristics that truly allowed us to see into the inner workings of the group.  Much of the peculiar group dynamics we witnessed during our meetings with the group were explained through these two personas. For example, one or two people would decide on the games that would be played rather than the whole group.


Alex is a stereotypical nerd.  He’s interested in games of all kinds; video games, card games, and even board games.  He is shy around new people especially if he is in a public place.  Because of his minor social-impairment he has only a few close friends, but whenever people meet him, and he’s comfortable, they tend to like him.  Alex is also a dreamer, avoiding the mundane reality of his work and IAT degree, his mind often wanders off to thinking about new card game strategy, or his dream job as a graphic designer.  Alex knows that being a graphic designer is a risky job and that he could become another starving artist, which is why he is reluctant to really go for it.  Because of this, it seems like he has low ambition which his parents constantly complain to him about.  His two younger brothers love him though and the three often spend a lot of time playing games together.

Alex doesn’t have a girlfriend which he is okay with because he would rather spend his free time gaming instead of “going out to dinner or wasting time.”  Within the group, Alex is definitely the follower.  His card games rarely get played and he mostly just goes along with what everyone else is doing.  While he wishes people would play his games, he doesn’t mind and is mostly indifferent.  His real importance to the group comes as the Dungeons and Dragons host.  Because of his great imagination everyone within the club recognizes him as a good dungeon master.


George is the leader of the group and contrasted with Alex.  He is very popular among friends and other students in the IAT stream which gave him the idea to create the Roll to Hit club.  His caring, responsible, and friendly characteristics make him a good charismatic leader.  He organizes and runs the group.  His main priority is graduating from University right now and he isn’t quite sure of what he wants to do after but is confident that he will be successful.  For now he is having a good time.

He always wants to include others into the group and frequently takes on the teaching tasks for new members.  The only thing George dislikes about the club is the fact that he must always organize the tournaments which is very time consuming.  The pay off though, everyone’s happiness and great memories, are well worth it to him.  He has no brothers or sisters and wishes that he did.  He loves being around people and feels lonely sometimes at home by himself.  George doesn’t like change and has a tough time dealing with it.  George is also single and doesn’t mind.  Not many girls show up to club meetings and George is trying to encourage more girls to go to diversify the club.


Our first attempt at creating personas was not as founded in our research as it needed to be.  We felt that as we created our previous personas each of us injected too much of our own experiences, thoughts and feelings to the process, completely biasing it.  Because we had so many people creating the personas, each one biasing it in a way, we ended up contradicting ourselves frequently which made for a weak persona in general.  We didn’t include enough detail in them either.  For our new personas one person was assigned to create their basic outline and story to which others would add details in.  This way we could create the main important details and add layers to it without contradicting ourselves.


Alex D. Poster

Alex D. Foundation Sheet

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George H. Foundation Sheet

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