Medium Fidelity Prototype

Med-Fidelity Prototype link:
*note: not all functions work in this prototype. Make computer screen resolution smaller because it is ideally for IPad.

Our medium fidelity prototype is based on our low fidelity prototype quite closely as many of the key elements turned out to be good functional elements to include in the design. The concept did not change but we narrowed the focus to simply visualizing the battle phase of the game. Based on our user feedback and coder we decided to make several changes.

We changed:

Removed inventory lists and items (made the app bloated)

Removed monster stats (only GM can see them so including them in main interface was not appropriate).

Made map the main focus with pull out windows for other bits of information.

Improved the aesthetics to mimic Dark Heresy look and feel.

Added random map generator function.

Added locking feature to the map to prevent erroneous editing.

Implemented the prototype in flash.


We chose flash because it is flexible and has a high amount of interactivity possible within it. Catalyst, while easier to create the UI, is limited in terms of possible interactions. If we have time to improve our medium fidelity prototype, we would add more usable functions in it. However, our main concern is the interaction with the medium fidelity prototype as we want to see if it is usable in a real environment rather than looks pretty.  We would have liked to have the prototype more functional than it is but due to time constraints and some implementation difficulties we were not able to get some of the finer points to work.  This is okay because it still demonstrates our app’s purpose effectively and we were able to work around those issues.


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