Final Design Scenario

Final Design Scenario Movie

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Our final video illustrates a common situation in the Roll to Hit Club, but with the intervention of our prototype application. The players in the game often get into battle situations and the Game Master is required to either draw out or describe the battlefield and battle situation. In a game like Dark Heresy where each player, each piece of terrain, each non-player characters, and so forth, that must be accounted for can easily make the game very difficult to comprehend and visualize. We chose this scenario because the situation is very common when the club plays role-playing games and it is also a situation where the game master needs to consider more than just dialogue.

Final Design Summary

The final design product for our social group is a battle visualizer for the game Dark Heresy. The application is designed to help players visualizing the battle phrase of the game, which makes it easier for them to plan their next moves. It enhances their gaming experience and their imagination of the epic battle taken place in the story. The application also helps dungeon masters to quickly set up the battle map to reduce the waiting time, generate ideas, and set up obstacle. Compared to the original maps in the rule book, dungeon masters had to flip the pages back and forth in frustration from map to movement lists, this application allows them to have the rule book opened and at the same time see the map with the character icons without it being disordered. The battle visualizer will be used on IPad platform. The players can share the view, and play together on the IPad. Our app will take advantage of IPad features, where users can use multi touch to zoom in/out, drag and click on the screen.

When you first enter the application, you will see the Main menu which has three option that you can choose from.

Create : Create a map, this is where Dungeon Master can create a new map. The application will use grid system. Dungeon master can fill up the grid with different map pieces that has different features. (IE: Obstacles, player can not walk through)

Random: Quickly Generate a random map.This is for quick battle, or Dungeon Master does not want to spend time to create map. It does have some option the user can choose from, such as features, map size, scheme etc…

Load: load saved map. You can load your favourite map that you saved from previous game.

After the map is made, there will be the battle setup.

Character Setup: Set the number of players and they get to custom their own icons

Enemy Setup: Set the number of enemies and their colours.

Battle Begins

During the battle, DM still can edit the map for surprise  events( such as enemy reinforcement). You do need lock the map every time you finish editing to prevent accidental movements of the map pieces.

* Characters/Monsters can be slide on the screen for movements



The main interaction path we wanted to show was how the users would create a battlefield, with several game features, in a relatively short amount of time We chose a battle scenario because it is a common situation for the club. The game Dark Heresy is very complex and we wanted to try and relieve some of the work the Game Master requires by creating an application that would assist in visualizing the world he wishes to convey to the players. If we could continue showing the interaction, we would show more how the group would go about creating a map from scratch. As well as saving the maps and more editing features such as transformations.


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